Best Trumpet Cases With Buyer’s Guide

Trumpeters are not to stay in one place. The nature of their job gets them to different areas where they perform, and they have to go about with their trumpet. Therefore, it demands the use of one of the best trumpet cases, not only to protect the trumpet but as well make it easier for trumpeters to move from one place to another effortlessly.

What is the trumpet case?

The trumpet case is one of the essential accessories that every trumpeter who have the interest of their instrument at heart must have. The trumpet case in most cases comes along with the trumpet on the purchase, but if it doesn’t, it is imperative that you get one for your trumpet.

The trumpet case isn’t an option but a necessity when it comes to protecting your trumpet. It helps to keep the trumpet safe and makes it easier for you to move the instrument from one place to another without difficulty.

Most people spend a huge amount on buying trumpets and leave out the case. However, sooner will you get to know the importance if you don’t have one.

Now that you’ve got to know the importance or the benefits of trumpet case, it is important that you know the types of trumpet you are likely going to find in the market just in case you are in need of one.

There are just two types of trumpets available in the market named the soft trumpet case and the hard trumpet case. You need to know the type that meets your need before making your decision to buy any of the two.

The two types thus serve the same goal, and it is to protect the instrument and as well make it easier to transport. However, there are two key differences between the soft and hard trumpet cases.

The hard is made out of wood or plastic, and they appear more studier than the soft cases. The soft cases, on the other hand, are usually made of fabric or leather. They are lighter which makes them ideal for children that love trumpets.

Adults or standard trumpet players will always opt for the hard case trumpet because it has all it takes to handle anything and protect the trumpet from any potential harm.

best trumpet cases

Important things to consider

If you’ve decided to opt for the best trumpet case in the market, here are some of the things that you need to consider before making your decision. All these factors will help you in choosing that which is right for yourself.


If there is one thing ever trumpet owner must keep to heart, it is the safety of the trumpet. The finish of the trumpet can easily get affected due to scratches from impacts from different surfaces. It is why keeping it safe in a case is just the best thing to do.

And now, when buying a trumpet case, you need to consider if the case has all it takes to protect your trumpet. Is the material of the case strong enough to protect? Is it reliable to prevent scratches?

Is the padded material used inside the case appealing to your trumpet? All these are the questions to ask. It will help you in making the right choice.

Quality of the material

Don’t be fooled by what you see. Some products can deceive you, and that’s why you need to be on your toe when making choices. The other factor to consider is the materials used in the construction of the case.

You need to ensure that it is of high quality as that surely has a lot to say about the lifespan of the case. Some cases are made of fabric and some wood. You can either choose the fabric or the wood as that depends on your preference.

All that matters is that when choosing the trumpet case, you should opt for the one with waterproof or the one that comes with water-resistant nylon. It will make it easier for you to move your trumpet around easily even when it rains.

The capacity of the case

Mind you, and you might need to keep some things such as your gloves, the valve oil, book and mouthpiece in the case. Therefore, you need to consider that in the case you are going to get must have enough space to keep your things secure.

The case must be able to accommodate your trumpet accurately with proper fitting. And some players have more than one trumpet which means they have to opt for the case that can accommodate more than one trumpet at a time.

Check the compartment and ensure it can accommodate your trumpet and other things that you need to keep safe before spending your money on it.

Lightweight / Portability

Of what use is getting a case that will become a burden on you? It is advisable that you opt for a case is lightweight which you can easily carry about without hassles. Consider a portable case that is durable and safe to use.


The price range for the trumpet case differs as there are a lot of things that are determinant to the price such as the brand, the numbers of compartments, the materials, quality, and features.

Best Trumpet Cases In 2018

Without much ado, let’s go through the list of the best trumpet case you should consider on the off chance that you are in the market for one.

Why should you read our reviews? We are not selling either are we compelling you to buy any of the listed products below. We realized a lot of people make a mistake when it comes to getting the best or quality trumpet case.

It is the reason we choose to consult some experts to compile the list with some other research and surveys online.


Protec Trumpet Rectangular PRO PAC Case

The Protec Trumpet Rectangular PRO PAC Case is a good looking case for any Bb trumpet.

The construction of the case is nice, and it thus meets the need of every trumpeter as regarding keeping the trumpet safe and secured.

Inside the case, you will get to see two mouthpieces holder, space for one or two mutes, room for the cleaning supplies and also the valve oil.

The case is lightweight, and it is impact resistant which means it can withstand any external force to protect the trumpet and keep it safe.

The case has a universal fit which means it can accommodate all kind of Bb trumpets. Of course, it is lightweight, but it is as well durable and has water resistant feature.

It means it can withstand water splashes and a few meter immersion with the help of the 1680 ballistic nylon exterior.

The construction or quality of the case is superb as you can barely find any loose threads. It is made of quality materials, and it includes a thick padded adjustable shoulder strap with a grip surface.

It has a large storage pocket with a built-in zippered two pocket organizer with locking ring just in case you want to lock your case and stop others from having access to your trumpet.

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Gator Cases Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case

Gator Cases Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case reminds me of my youth days when I was still a member of the brigade.

The trumpet case is very strong, and it was specifically given to the younger ones because it is made of wood and can handle any rigor we subject it to.

The trumpet case is lightweight, and it is ideal for most standard students out there.

The construction of the trumpet case is of high quality, and it has fitted EPS interior with plush lining to keep the trumpet safe and secured.  

It is one of the best to consider if you are a trumpeter that often travels with the instrument and need to keep it safe and secured.

The trumpet case features a deluxe ABS exterior and a protective EPS foam protective interior with deep plush lining. The trumpet case also has a heavy-duty aluminum valance for solid protection. It is easier to move around with the help of the handle.

The trumpet case has lockable chrome plated latches, and the compartment can conveniently accommodate standardly sized trumpets of different models.

The latches on the case help to keep it intact and secured. The only setback is that anyone can open it since it doesn’t have a zip where you can lock and restrict others.

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WXD ABS-2 Rectangular Trumpet Hard Case

One of the cheap and affordable trumpet cases is the WXD ABS-2 Rectangular Trumpet Hard Case. The case of the trumpet is made of deluxe ABS material of heavy-duty aluminum valance.

As part of the aim to give excellent protection to the trumpet, the inner part of the trumpet case is made of deep plush lining and EPS foam.

The trumpet case is a bit tight, and it requires little pressure to close it. It is designed that way to ensure the case will not open freely while you are on motion or static.

It has been tested, and it can be trusted to protect your trumpet from external forces effectively. With the soft cushion inside the case, your trumpet is in the right hands.

The trumpet case will fit almost all types of Bb trumpet. It has a spacious compartment to accommodate your trumpet and keep it safe with rooms for other accessories such as the cleaning cloth, valve oil, gloves, and mouthpiece. Be assured you are getting real value for the money as it doesn’t come expensive but affordable.

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Tosnail Trumpet Gig Bag with 15mm Padding

The Tosnail Trumpet Gig Bag with 15mm padding is a unique trumpet bag and not a case as some do say.

The construction is quite different from that of a case as it is seen to come with the design of a bag. Is it possible to keep a trumpet safe in a bag? You never can tell until you give it a shot.

The bag is superb in its construction and workmanship, and it is the best for children who can handle trumpet case because the bag is made of fabrics. The 1200D fabric in which the bag is made of is water resistant which means you have no worries about the bag soaking up when it rains.

Just because it is made of fabric doesn’t say it isn’t strong and durable. In fact, that outer part of the bag is made of thick materials as well as the interior 15mm thick premium foam internal padding.

The trumpet bag comes with one pocket, one leather handle strap which makes it easier to move the bag from one place to another easily.  It also has single adjustable shoulder straps. The bag can be used in different means, but the goal is to keep your trumpet safe and fully secured.

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Guardian CW-041-TP Trumpet Case

The name itself shows what exactly the case is designed to do. It is called the Guardian CW-041-TP Trumpet Case.

And indeed the construction shows that it can effortlessly keep your trumpet in a case condition. It is made of wood and not fabrics. It is durable and also lightweight.

You have no worries about the weight of the case because it isn’t a heavy duty piece.

It is made of quality materials and has all that it required keeping your trumpet safe without exposing it to any form of hazard.

It can effortlessly achieve that with the help of the durable ABS exterior, and the interior part of the trumpet case has polystyrene which is appealing to the finish if the trumpet is thereby ensuring that there are no scratches.

To lock the trumpet case, you have to make use of the plush. The plush is very tight with the aim to keep it locked under any condition. You have to apply little pressure before you can open it t have access to your trumpet.

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WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case

Do you need a light case for your trumpet different from the heavy duty types in the market; the WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case is the right choice for you.

The WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case offers a lightweight protective case that lives up to the WolfPak name.

The trumpet case has a lightweight foam construction that helps to protect the trumpet. It has a pocket where you can keep some other accessories. The case can effortlessly absorb the pressure or impact from the surroundings.

As part of the goal to keep your trumpet safe in the case, the WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case comes with heavy duty bolted handle and ergonomic backpack straps luggage-grade zippers.

The zipper helps to lock the case, and it gives rooms for the use of a padlock to restrict others from having access to the trumpet.

The quality of the case makes it very appealing and attractive to anyone in need of a protective case for their trumpet. The trumpet has many compartments where you can store your trumpet and some other things you need to keep safe.

It is lightweight and easier to move, and it came very cheap yet made of quality materials. It is the epitome of quality and value.

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Torpedo Bag Classic Trumpet Case

For those who have the interest of their trumpet at heart and want to get quality protective gear to keep it safe always, the Torpedo Bag Classic Trumpet Case is one of the best to consider.

It isn’t just one of the best trumpet case as a result of the design or construction, but because of the amazing features, it offers.

The quality of the trumpet has up to 3 inches of foam on all sides. It is a way to protect the trumpet from having direct contact with the case.

The inner foam protects the finish of the trumpet and ensures that it doesn’t have any scratches. The trumpet case can accommodate any trumpet from different brands and models.

It has lots of compartments where you can keep your trumpet safe and some other important accessories you have. It has a massive space of up to 300 pages of music and will fit any orchestra folder.

The Torpedo Bag Classic Trumpet Case has removable mute bag and music pouch and removable lid pocket for mouthpieces, valve oil, and some other important tools.

It is durable and lightweight, and with the help of the handle, you can easily move the case from one place to another without hassles.

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Bach C180 Stradivarius Trumpet Case

The Bach C180 Stradivarius Trumpet Case comes with a dynamic design as you can see that it comes with two handles. You can either carry the trumpet case in a different direction.

The trumpet case is extremely well-built, an attractive case providing excellent instrument protection with room for accessories.

The trumpet case can easily accommodate all kind of Bb single trumpets. The construction of the case is made of wood with dark covering while the corners of the case are reinforced with stitched alligator style trim on sides and handles.

The trumpet has brass hardware along with locking latches. The latches help to secure the trumpets from external forces.

It has a grey plush interior, and it has a large accessory compartment for different things such as the mutes and smaller ones with a snap shut lid for the mouthpiece and valve oil.

The case is sure the best when it comes to containing lots of accessories, and you will be surprised to find out the list of things that can easily be stored in the case. All that you have to do is to arrange properly and move your case through the handle from one place to another.

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SKY Lightweight Case for Trumpet

One of the best trumpet cases is the SKY Lightweight Case for Trumpet. The trumpet case a versatile piece that can be used in any way.

It accommodates almost all kind of Bb trumpets, and it has shoulder straps in which you can convert it to backpack and carry around easily.

The trumpet case features padded backpack straps that you can tuck away into the case pocket on the off chance you don’t want to use.

The trumpet case comes with a spacious exterior pocket where you can store some books. But it isn’t as spacious compared to the inner compartment.

The trumpet barely weighs 5 pounds which makes it lightweight and portable to move from one place to another easily without hassles. It has a waterproof canvas to prevent water from getting into the interior part of the case.

As part of the goal to secure the trumpet in the case, the construction of the case comes with zipper closure and Velcro flap with two handles on two sides. It has deep and plush lining with good storage compartment where you can store your trumpet and other accessories.

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MTS 1210V Trumpet Case

The last case to discuss on our list of the best trumpet case is the MTS 1210V Trumpet Case.

It is a wonderful case that comes in black color, and it is designed in a way to meet the need of most trumpeters in need of protective gear for their trumpets.

The construction of the case is made of wood, and that makes it liable to handle whatever that is thrown at it.

It prevents the trumpet from having access to external forces which could pull a threat to the lifespan of the trumpet.

The trumpet case comes with plush lining with Styrofoam to protect the trumpet. The exterior part of the case is made of the Tough mar-proof black vacuum-formed shell with an aluminum valance to ensure your trumpet is safe.

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Improper handling of the trumpet can reduce the lifespan of the instrument. It is the reason it is important that you handle the trumpet properly with quality tools and accessories.

One of the accessories which are very important is the trumpet case. Using any of the best trumpet cases will help to protect your instrument and keep it in good condition.

We have a list of the best products you can consider on the off chance you want to get a trumpet case for yourself or loved ones. Run through our collection above to make the right choice.


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