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I’m  Md Junaed Islam, I started this site to help you find the best trumpet for you or your child. Why? Well, I’m a proud parent of 3 bandies who collectively play the trumpet, French horn, mellophone, trombone and tuba. Yep, we’re band geeks! As a band parent I know what it’s like trying to find good brass instruments at a reasonable price. It’s not easy! We all want the best instrument available, whether it be for our kids or for ourselves, but it would be nice to not have to take out a second mortgage to afford it!

After spending countless hours researching trumpets for my oldest son Chris when he was entering high school I decided to compile all that I learned here on TrumpetAdviser.com.Here you’ll find comprehensive reviews of the best rated trumpets that include both the positive and negative attributes of each trumpet.

I’ve also created a Trumpet Buying Guide that allows you to quickly compare the best selling student, intermediate and professional trumpets. You can find that here.

If you don’t find what you are looking for or just have a question, you can contact me here. I’ll do my best to answer your question and if I don’t know, I’ll find out!

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