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The fact remains that no one becomes an expert in a day. It is a product of consistent and continuous training and practices. Everyone who aspires to be a trumpet starter has to start of the best student trumpet.

It is imperative that you start with student trumpets because the intermediate and the professionals have some features that are entirely above the starter level, and it might become a difficult task to handle the horn.

It is a good thing to have one’s personal trumpet for those who aspire to become one of the best trumpet players. Rehearsal, training from coaching schools or church will only show the result when you keep up with what you’ve learned and rehearsed on your own without any instructor.

What are the things to consider with students trumpets?

Choose the best brands

There are different brands on the market, and you might end up making the mistake of choosing the wrong one. The brand of the product you get has lots to say about the trumpet as regarding quality, value, and performance.

It is why it is imperative that you read our post on the best trumpet brands we have on this platform to help you in making the right decision.


You need to consider as well the elements of the trumpet if indeed you want the best for yourself. The features to look out include:


You must see to it that the mouthpiece is something you can easily relate with without any hassles.

Piping and valves

Some come in metal and some in plastic. The quality of the sound of the trumpet depends on the smoothness of the valve, and you must not just ensure it is in excellent condition but be more careful with it because most people refer to the valve as the starting point of trumpet damages.


Your convenience is another thing you have to consider. It all goes beyond feelings, excitement, and fun of doing what you love to do. You have to admit your safety and comfort as well. Ensure you opt for a trumpet that is portable and durable.


No quality things do come cheap, and so you must be prepared to spend big if you want or desire the best trumpet. However, some are cheap, and some are expensive. We have done our best to make the selection of some of the cheap and costly horns in the market for you to choose.

best student trumpet

Best Student Trumpet Reviews In 2018

Without much ado, it’s likely you’ve read a lot of reviews on different trumpet, and that’s why we choose not to waste your time. Here, we can make some comprehensive research and surveys from a different site, did some personal review of some products to get to know how correctly they work. We then have been able to come up with the list of the best to consider in the market.


Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet

Have you found out why many instructors are recommending the Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet for their students? It is because the Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet passes through different screening from Cecilio’s factory and then re-tested at their Los Angeles distribution center to ensure it meets the standard.

The trumpet is the best students trumpet to buy, and it is available in Red lacquered, Black lacquered, Nickel plated, Gold lacquered, Blue lacquered, and Purple lacquered finish, but the one in the review is the gold finish.

It comes with a 7c mouthpiece that can be used based on your choice.It features 0.46 inches bore with 5 inches bell. The 1st valve slide thumb saddle, 3rd valve slide with adjustable throw ring, smooth action valves and comfortable white faux mother of inlaid pearl buttons.

The trumpet gives good sound, and Cecilio’s ensures users have a year warranty to be sure they get what they want. Along with the package comes a case where you can store the gold Bb trumpet, bottle of valve oil, a pair of white gloves and soft polishing cloth to keep the trumpet especially the mouthpiece clean.


  • It gives an excellent sound
  • It has a small bore that is ideal for beginning students
  • The perfect trumpet to start your trumpet training

  • It isn’t cheap, but you will get the value for your money

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Glory Brass Bb Trumpet with Pro Case +Care Kit, Gold

In search of a standard trumpet for your kid who is just starting training on how to play? Then the Glory Brass Bb Trumpet with Pro Case +Care Kit is the right choice for your child. It is a standard trumpet that is aimed at beginning students who want to learn how to play.

Because it is cost effective and produces quality sound, you will be so glad at the rate at which your kid is improving day by day. The solid brass Bb trumpet has a 7C mouthpiece in which your kid can choose anyone to practice.

The trumpet is more natural to play for students, and they can quickly fine tune it after a series of training on how to do so. The package includes a lightweight case, a bottle of valve oil, soft polishing cloth and a pair of white gloves.

The trumpet isn’t just released into the market without screening or testing. It passes through different testing to ensure that it meets with the standard.  Another reason you should consider the trumpet is that it sounds good and it’s made of materials that makes it last longer.


  • It is an ideal trumpet for starter
  • It has quality sound output
  • It is easier to play and fine tune

  • It has no significant setback

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Jean-Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

The trumpet is one of the best student trumpets, and it comes with beautiful Yellow brass body construction with Gold Lacquer finish. The trumpet offers beginning students the platform to learn and become the best for themselves at affordable prices.

The trumpet has a large bore that makes it entirely more accessible for students to play without missing notes. It is constructed in such a way that it will give quality sound whenever you are performing with the trumpet.

With the trumpet, rehearsal is made easy as it features a 1st valve slide thumb saddle and a 3rd valve slide with an adjustable ring with the slide stop.

It feels so safe and balanced to handle for a longer duration. The trumpet as well comes with a 7c mouthpiece, valve oil, polishing cloth and gloves to ensure players get all that is needed to perform at their best.

You can get this fantastic trumpet for your kids to train at home after rehearsals from church or coaching centers. It helps them to become mastery of handling the instrument.


  • It is easier to pay and handle even with one hand
  • It has a smooth operation
  • It gives a quality sound

  • It is expensive, but the value meets with the price

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Mendini MTT-L Gold Lacquer Brass Bb Trumpet

With a lot of things to consider when buying a trumpet, the tuner is one major thing that shouldn’t be left out especially for beginning students who doesn’t have the experience on how to fine-tune trumpets.

And if that is the case, the Mendini MTT-L Gold Lacquer Brass Bb Trumpet is a perfect choice for you. The gold lacquer Bb trumpet with 7c mouthpiece features 0.46-inch bore and 5-inch bell, 1st valve slide thumb saddle, 3rd valve slide with adjustable throw ring, phosphorus copper used on lead mouth pipe, smooth action valves and comfortable white faux mother of inlaid pearl buttons.

The beautiful standard piece is one of the best trumpets for students, and it comes with a stand that is easy to assemble where you can place your trumpet upon and play. Also, with it comes a standard tuner that is quite easy to read.

The tuner has a large LCD and can be used to fine tune any instrument. The trumpet is more natural to handle and play as it also comes with handy and pocket size book where you can get to know the necessary things about the trumpet such as the warm-ups, studies, tonguing, scales and more.


  • It comes with music tuner
  • It has a music book with trumpet necessary training
  • It comes with a case that features glove, cleaning cloth and valve oil

  • It is fairly expensive

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LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet with Plush-Lined Case

LJ Hutchen Trumpet

LJ Hutchen is one of the best trumpet brands for is well known for the production of quality instrument that allows beginning students to learn and become the best they desire.

The trumpet LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet with Plush-Lined Case is significantly different from every other product from other brands. It comes with a professional bell and bore size for ideal sound, resonance, and intonation.

It features clear lacquer finish with a rose brass lead pipe for full, bright tone and the tuning slide of the trumpet is braced to maintain alignment.

It has stainless valves for consistent performance and prevention against corrosion. The trumpet meets with the standard requirement for students trumpet since it was made with quality material and was double bench tested before being released into the market.

If you are in the market for the best-rated student trumpets to improve your training and become a professional, the LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet with Plush-Lined Case has all it takes to help you get to that feat.


  • It is effortless to operate and play
  • The trumpet gives quality sound
  • Perfect choice for starters

  • It has no significant setback

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Yamaha SB7Xc Silent Brass System for Trumpet

One of the challenges to keep up with personal training with your trumpet is the concern and peace of the neighborhood. Training and rehearsing in your apartment might cause a lot of noise with the nature of the horn.

But do you have to sacrifice your training because of your neighborhood? No. with the use of the Yamaha SB7Xc Silent Brass System for Trumpet you can as well play your trumpet in your room without disturbing anyone using the silent brass system.

The trumpet comes with an internal microphone which is electric with pickup output jack. It is powered by AA alkaline or nickel metal hydride batteries which you have to get separately. It comes with a structure in which users can quickly select the volume of the trumpet to suit their taste.

It is one of the best trumpets for students that want to learn how to play or those with a desire to keep up with their training after rehearsal from coaching school.


  • It gives users control over the sound and volume
  • It is more comfortable and safe to use
  • It is portable, durable and provides quality sound

  • It is slightly expensive

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pBone PTRUMPET1W Jiggs pTrumpet

Of course, you have to be careful with most trumpets because students are liable to be careless in handling it but the pBone PTRUMPET1W Jiggs pTrumpet demands that you are extra cautious because it is the only trumpet for students that are made with a full plastic valve system.

It isn’t a significant setback to the trumpet or a cause for you to overlook in the market. The idea behind it is to ensure it is lightweight and handy for beginning students. It is durable and as well as produces a quality sound that is unparalleled.

What it has is the ideal instrument for students because it has just 4.75 inches bell and its buildup means younger players can easily handle it.

The trumpet features entirely plastic mouthpieces, especially for the pTrumpet. Each instrument comes with both a 3c and 5c pTrumpet mouthpiece; you can also use any standard metal trumpet mouthpiece in the pTrumpet.


  • pTrumpet is the perfect starter instrument
  • It has a unique plastic valve system
  • It produces quality sound

  • The valve can easily break because it is made of plastic which means you have to be careful with it.

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Legacy TR750 Intermediate Trumpet

The quality of the Legacy TR750 Intermediate Trumpet is outstanding, and the tone and intonation are superior. This is an excellent choice for aspiring students and even professionals that want a reasonably priced horn.

It is one of the best student trumpets to buy for aspiring to learn and play the trumpet. You will be making the right choice by choosing Legacy because it is one of the best trumpet brands for students to consider whenever they are in the market to get a trumpet.

The right side of the trumpet is that every part of the instrument is checked for quality control and most importantly to assure that the sound and intonation will meet the demands of a professional player, even for their student models.

You aren’t making the wrong choice with it as it comes with all that is needed for you to enjoy your play effortlessly. It has nickel double water keys and silver plated mouthpiece along with a tremendous zippered canvas case which converts from a standard case to a backpack


  • It is aimed at all levels, starter, intermediate and professional
  • It gives you the experience and feeling of handling a professional trumpet
  • It produces quality sound

  • It is slightly expensive, but the value meets with the price

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With ample numbers of the trumpet in the market, it is quite challenging to select the best one for yourself if you are a starter.

You are likely to make a wrong decision if you don’t have the guide of an expert which is why this article on the best student trumpet is there to guide you through your decision making without any regret.

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