How Much Does A Professional Trumpet Cost?

How Much Does A Professional Trumpet Cost reviews

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those in the market for a new trumpet. Irrespective of the level you are as a trumpeter, it is imperative that you have a personal trumpet not to show to friends and family but to keep it with your practice.

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Top 9 Best Trumpet Players of All Time You Should Know!

best trumpet players

This post is to share with you the list of the best trumpet players of all time. There are some legends that you need to know one or two things about. They all have one or two contribution when it comes to playing the trumpet of a different kind.

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How To Clean A Trumpet – An Effective Guide for Trumpeter

Cleaning a Trumpet

One of the things that make your trumpet last longer than expected is proper maintenance. So you need to know how to clean a trumpet. It is imperative that you clean your horn almost trice in a week. Before you start cleaning the trumpet, you need to make available some important things.

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