What is the World’s Best-Selling Musical Instrument?

Music is one such form of art that is enjoyed by kids, adults, and even elderly people.

It takes a lot of effort in just making one song because there are various aspects involved in it such as writing lyrics, hiring a singer for the song, editing the song, and most importantly finding the right combination of musical instruments to make the ideal beats for a song.

Musical instruments are considered as the heart of a song as without a song feels quite bland. There are many musical instruments such as trumpet, guitar, drums, piano, flute, and many others. The main question is that what the world’s bestselling musical instrument is. The answer to this question would surprise a lot of people as it is a harmonica.

The History Behind the Harmonica

Initially, the harmonica was called “sheng” and was discovered about 5000 ago but in 1821 A modern harmonica was invented, which we use in today’s world. In the year 1826, many variations of a harmonica were developed which had 10 fixed holes and 20 vibrating plated with gaps for a blow and inhaled plates.

Types of harmonica used by people.

There are generally 3 types of harmonica used by people.

  • Diatonic: it is also famously known as blues harp. This harmonica has 10 holes, in other words, it consists of 2 and a half octaves. This type of harmonica can be played on its own or can be used with other musical instruments as well. Generally, people play blues, folk, and country music on this harmonica. But after tuning the harmonica, it is capable of playing pop and jazz music also. This is the best harmonica for beginners and comes under an affordable price range that lies between 35 dollars to 90 dollars.
  • Chromatic: This sort of harmonica comes with a C key only, which means that it has a series of notations when the slider button on it is not pressed. The most significant physical feature of the chromatic is that the button, which is placed on its right, when pressed then it raises the existing tone of the harmonica. Due to the fairly and melodious sounds that it makes, this harmonica was initially used to be on classic music or on swing jazz. But now advancements have been made to this harmonica and it can now be used to play pop, Irish, tango, and blues music. This is a slightly costly harmonica and lies in the price range of 120 dollars to 250 dollars.
  • Tremolo: This type of harmonica can be easily recognized as it has all the holes aligned and contains more than 15 holes and consists of C, G, and F keys. The sound of this harmonica is similar to the sound of a guitar which has 12 strings. The pitch of each harmonica is different due to the number of holes each has and the company that makes them.

How to play the harmonica, the world’s bestselling musical instrument.

  •        This is a mouth instrument and the person is able to play this instrument by using their lips and tongue so that they are able to produce the sound that they want to.
  •         You can create sounds of different frequencies and pitches by changing your style of breathing and blowing into a harmonica.
  •         You can adjust the reed lengths and weight of the harmonica end, due to which you can then play different tunes and keep changing your pitch, whenever you feel like.
  •         There are many people around the globe that are able to play astonishing tones even with a very mediocre quality harmonica

The Best Harmonica’s Available

  1.     Suzuki HA-20-C: This is quite a compact harmonica but it is capable of producing quite a powerful sound. The tone of this product is considered as one of the best among many harmonics.

This is a professional harmonica and is produced extremely deeps and mellow tones, which is enjoyed by most of the people.

This harmonic is nicely built with premium materials such as aluminum and also comes with a carry case. It is not a very costly harmonica and can be purchased for around 50 to 60 dollars.

  1.   Lee Oskar: By many people, this is considered as the best harmonica for people who are beginning to know how to play one. You are able to produce very soothing tunes through this musical instrument.

The reeds of this harmonica are quite squeezed up together, due to which there are very slim chances of any air leaking through these and this results in creating a much more powerful sound.

Its only drawbacks are that it made up of low-quality materials such as plastic and sometimes you can lose your tune on it quickly, This piece comes at an affordable price of 44 dollars.

  1.   Fender Blues Deville: This is one of the best harmonicas out there. Learners consider it perfect as it provides them with a lot of options.

This is designed to keep in mind the shapes of a traditional harmonica. The reed plates of this product can be easily replaced and the metal chrome cover gives it a very stylish look.

You can produce a very crisp sound if you play this harmonica properly. This is a very affordable harmonica and comes with quite a cheap price tag of 35 dollars.

Bottom line

Harmonics have been around for thousands of years by now and it consists of a wide range of types, which enables the user to choose the one, which is able to fill all of their requirements. So the next time someone asks you “what’s is the world’s best-selling musical instrument”, you look him in the eye and tell him that it is the harmonica.

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