Getzen 300 Series Trumpet Review

From among the best series trumpets from Getzen, one gains global recognition for its amazing features, and it is no other than the Getzen 300 series trumpet. It is without a doubt one of the best exclusive trumpets in its class.

Its design, structure, components, and operation are second to none which prompts users to dedicate a page to discuss in detail all that you need to know about the trumpet.

If you are in the search for a trumpet to meet your need as a beginner or starter, the Getzen 300 is the right choice for you. It is widely recognized for its compatibility with novice to help them through their preliminary stage of learning trumpet.

It came with all features and equipped with all that is required to ensure you enjoy your practice or training with the trumpet. There are other models from Getzen you can consider but the 300 series will fit perfectly for your level and can as well be used by intermediate and advanced trumpet players.

Let’s go straight to the features of the Getzen 300 series or rather the reasons why you should consider it above some other models.

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Features of Getzen 300 series trumpet

  • Smooth operation – The trumpet is very easy to play for students even if it is your first time handling a trumpet. It helps through the use of the smooth valve which incorporates a free-blowing function. It is the reason most students must consider the trumpet if they want an instrument they can master in a little space of time.
  • Hand fit nickel silver slide – The slide makes it more comfortable as well to play the trumpet. It helps beginners find it easier to create a different note without hassles.
  • Nickel-plated valves – This particular feature comes with a lifetime warranty to assure you that the trumpet will last for a more extended period. The valve is smooth and easy to move which makes the trumpet easy to play.
  • Quality materials – One of the reasons you should choose Getzen models is that they are all made of high-quality material, and the 300 series trumpet is not left out.


  • Finish: Silver and lacquer sleek finish
  • Leadpipe Material: Nickel silver
  • Mouthpiece: Getzen 7C
  • Valves: Nickel-plated nickel-silver piston
  • Bell material: yellow brass
  • Fist valve slide adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • Third valve slide adjustment: an Adjustable ring with the slide stop
  • Key: B-flat
  • Bore: 0.460 inch
  • Bell: 4.75-inch seamless handspun

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Why should you consider Getzen 300 series trumpet?

With different trumpets in the market which you can choose from, why exactly should you opt for Getzen 300 series trumpet? First and foremost, you are getting your trumpet from one of the trusted brands in the industry.

Getzen is well known for its credibility and reputation with producing quality trumpet that meets the standard requirement before selling into the commercial market. Getzen realizes that most students or beginners can find t quite challenging to handle some high trumpets.

That is the reason for the emergence of the Getzen 300 series. The trumpet is made for students and only recommended for beginners who want a quality trumpet to help them through their quest of becoming a better trumpet player.

The Getzen 300 series is a simple to operate trumpet, free blowing, portable, durable and lightweight. It is highly responsive which makes it a perfect and ideal choice for new players to learn without hassles.

The construction integrates smooth piston and fluid valves with some other components which work hand in hand to ensure the trumpet works optimally to give the players the best experience they ever desire.

Over the years, some have complained that it doesn’t meet their skill level, mind you, those who complained are intermediate players. The Getzen 300 series trumpet is only the right choice if you are a new player and not an intermediate.

Of course as an intermediate player, your skills and level are way above the 300 series trumpet, and you will find some setting too low for your level. You can get any of the Getzen series trumpets for an intermediate player.


  • The Getzen 300 series is well known and appreciated by the student and new players. It has all it takes to make your practice and training worthwhile. The performance or the operation of the trumpet makes it the best to start with for students to play and learn.
  • The trumpet is durable and compact. It can handle all kinds of rigor you can subject it to. Being a student trumpet, it is designed to be strong because as a student, you have to train regularly to become a better player.
  • The Getzen 300 series trumpet material used in the construction of the Getzen 300 series is second to none regarding quality. It has quality features that as well add to the value of the trumpet.


  • The trumpet has no significant setback all that has been said by others who have experience with the trumpet is topnotch and positive. The setback which is prominent is that advanced trumpet players can’t use it. Their level is far way above the trumpet.
  • Because it is a student trumpet, it can perform to the level of some of the best and advanced trumpets in the market. That isn’t much of a setback to the trumpet. Among the trumpets in its class, the sound production and operation is unparalleled.
  • It is neither for the intermediate nor the advanced players

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As a beginner, you need a trumpet that you can easily relate to. You need one of the best that will enhance your practice and training to help you become a better player, and one of the best to consider is the Getzen 300 series trumpet.

There are many other trumpets in the market you can consider, but they are nothing compared or closer to what you can get from the Getzen series. Getzen is the best, and the 300 series is the best for new trumpet players.

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