Best Trumpet Mute Reviews

The highest pitched brass instrument in classical music is the trumpet, and it offers a wide range of different melody. One can quickly detect a good note from a bad one with the instrument, and that is why we choose to share with you the impacts of the best trumpet mute on your performance as a player.

Instrumentalists can quickly change the sound or the note of the instrument they are playing based on the flow and their skill level. The trumpet is not an exemption to this. As others can quickly change their note and sound, you can also change your note and sound with the use of a trumpet mute.

How can you change the trumpet sound using a mute? All you have to do is to stick a mute into the bell of the trumpet, and you will get to hear a different sound or note. There are different kinds of mutes, and their effect on the sound produced differs from muffled to strained and brassy.

9 Best Trumpet Mute For Practice

Let’s run through the list of the best brass warm-up mute trumpet you should consider if indeed you want to add dynamism to your style of play with your trumpets.

Honbay Trumpet Mute

01. Honbay Lightweight Aluminum Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer – “Honbay trumpet mute”

If you are a beginner or novice and you are considering getting a trumpet mute, the Honbay Lightweight Aluminum Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer is one of the best to consider among the bunch in the market. It is a practice trumpet mute which makes it quite easy to use.

The trumpet mute is the ideal choice for you if you are living in a neighborhood that can sue you to court for disturbing their peace with your trumpet sound. With it, you no longer have to run to the wood to practice all because you don’t want to disturb others.

The trumpet mute allows you to enjoy your practice without the fear of anyone knocking at your door to interrupt you. It comes with a 135mm length with an 18.5mm inlet diameter and an outlet diameter of 61mm.

One amazing thing about the trumpet mute is that it fits all types of trumpets. It comes with an aluminum design, and it helps in the production of great sounds, and it doesn’t distort pitch. If you are yet to see that which is called trumpet silencer, then you just got to know one.

On a final note with the Honbay Lightweight Aluminum Practice Trumpet Mute Silencer, it is lightweight and doesn’t add weight to your trumpet. It comes with the cork pieces attached to it. All that is just left for you to do is to insert it into your horn bell and start playing.

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Lotfancy Trumpet Mute

02. LotFancy Trumpet Straight Mute – “LotFancy practice mute”

One of the good acts of a professional trumpet player is to test run the trumpet or rehearse before going to the platform to perform. One of the trumpet gears that will help you practice without getting anyone to know about what you are doing is the LotFancy Trumpet Straight Mute.

The mute comes in a straight style, and it is made of high-quality spun aluminum material. The workmanship of the mute is topknot which makes it one of the best.

The materials used in its construction are light-weighted material, and that makes it quite easier for anyone to use the mute.

The trumpet mute is designed in a way that it can be used by a wide range of trumpet players without restricting skill levels. All that it offers it to help you have a wide range of options of giving your trumpet amazing and alluring sound.

The trumpet has premium neoprene-enhanced composite cork pads which help to enhance the lifespan of the trumpet mute. The mute is perfect for those that love to practice at home without disturbing the peace of others.

It user-friendly and can fit smoothly into any horn bell due to its design. It is advisable that one should constantly grease the cup to keep the mute and the bell in good condition for a more extended period. It is safe to use without any major setback, and it is cheap and affordable.

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Straight Mute for Trumpet

03. Denis Wick DW5504 Trumpet Straight Mute “Denis Wick Practice Mute”

If you want a classy trumpet mute, then you should consider the Denis Wick DW5504. The trumpet mute is well recognized all over the globe because of its sound quality and intonation in all dynamic ranges. The craftsmanship of the mute is topnotch, and it fits most trumpets.

The trumpet mute is made from aluminum with Scotchbrite finished. The intonation and sound output from your trumpet is a reason for you to choose the mute above the rest. It is lightweight and can be used for a longer period.

The design of the trumpet mute helps to block out the noise sufficiently. The trumpet mute comes in nine different styles, but this particular product is a straight style trumpet mutes.

If you want to perform excellently anytime you keep playing your trumpet; the trumpet mutes can help you to do that.

The mutes limit any chances of disturbing your people whenever you are playing it. Effortlessly it will get into any trumpet cup and helps in giving smooth and nice sound whenever you are playing with it.

With this particular trumpet mute, you add more style to your play. It doesn’t cost you a fortune to get the mute as it comes cheap and affordable. Therefore you have no barrier to take your practice to a new level without having anyone to complain about your practice.

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Silent Mute for Trumpet

04. Humes & Berg 102 Stonelined Trumpet Cup Mute – “Humes and Berg practice mute”

The next trumpet mute on our list is a dynamic piece. It is the handiwork of Humes and Berg which is called the Stonelined Trumpet Cup Mute.

When it comes to the production of a quality brass instrument with accessories, you just have to give accolades to Berg. They have been among the frontiers in the industry for years and still leading.

If you need trumpet mutes and you are running on a low budget, you should consider the Stonelined Trumpet Cup Mute.

It works excellently giving you great sound and intonation whenever you are practicing. The sound produced through the mute is very bright which makes your practice experience worthwhile.

This is a cup mute, and once you install it into the bell of the horn, it fits perfectly and gives free, easy blowing in all areas. It comes in an attractive red and white color, and it is easier to get noticed while in your horn.

It can be used for all kind of music, those who had experience with it gives a resounding verdict that it is very efficient with Jazz music.

Apart from that, it gives excellent sound whenever you are playing any music. Easy to handle for any trumpet players of different skill levels and it is lightweight to carry about.

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Bach Trumpet Practice Mute

05. BACH 1857 Practice Mute – “Bach Trumpet Practice Mute”

If there is one particular thing you should know about Bach, it is its class among the brands in the brass instrument industry. Most of their trumpets come very, and that is because they are made from high-quality material.

BACH 1857 Practice Mute surprising to find out this particular product comes very cheap and affordable, and if I were you, I would consider it above the rest not because of the class but because of the prestige of the company the product is produced from.

As said earlier about quality, the trumpet mutes are made with high impact polyethylene which ensures that it lasts longer giving you’re the best feel whenever you are using the mute with your trumpet. It has no restriction as to where or when to use it.

You need to understand that this is a practice mute and it gives you a wide range option on your practices to help you become a better player.

The materials are built from is light-weighted which makes it easier to move the mute from one place to another. It is compact and durable to withstand the rigor of your practices.

The mute works very well, and it helps to keep the sound minimal to the point you don’t have to disturb your neighbors. Even if you have your baby sleeping and you have to practice, you can rely on the mute to help you have a smooth practice without your kids know what you are doing.

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Bremner Mute

06. Bremner (SshhMute) Trumpet – “Bremner shhh Mute Trumpet”

If you own a cornet trumpet and you are in need of a trumpet mute, the Bremner (SshhMute) Trumpet is the right choice for you.

One of the advantages of the mute is that it can fit both medium and large bore cornets. It is a dynamic mute that comes with a sleek finish to win the heart of all brass players.

The design of the mute is very exclusive, and it is durable. Except for the cork ring of the mute, the other part of it is made of lightweight plastic. That makes the mute lightweight and delicate.

I say how strong it is to handle compact with the floor, so you have to be careful it doesn’t fall too much so that it doesn’t break.

In terms of using it to play or practice, it is very easy to use. It gives little back pressure and resistance to airflow as a measure to keep the trumpet silent whenever you are playing. The intonation from using the mute stays stable whenever you are playing.

The mute only vibrates at certain frequencies. Although it isn’t irritating, you can easily notice it whenever you are using the mute with your trumpet. The sound production is easier, and it gives a soft and warm sound.

The mute allows you to practice almost anywhere without restriction. The fact it is made of ABS plastic doesn’t mean it is not strong.

Of course, it is, and the material contributes to the extended lifespan of the trumpet mute. It is a perfect piece for warm-ups before you mount the stage to perform.

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07. Jo Ral TPT-3 Tri-Tone Trumpet Cup Mute – “Jo Ral Harmon Mute Trumpet”

If you think of adding a trumpet mute to your instrument arsenal, you can consider the Jo Ral TPT-3 Tri-Tone Trumpet Cup Mute. It is a cup-style mute that can be used with any type of trumpet irrespective of their bell size.

It comes with a sleek design which makes it attractive and of great interest to all trumpet players.

One of the benefits you get from using the trumpet mute from Jo Ral is that it has three dynamic sounds from just a single mute to offers you a wide range of experience with playing.

You can easily change your tune and note while playing the trumpet using this mute.

For you to get a less brilliant sound using the mute, you just have to insert one felt ring, and for a great and soft sound production, you have to insert two rings.

The mute is designed with all that is required to give you a lasting experience with playing trumpets. The mute plays a major role to help you eliminate noise by silencing the sound of the trumpet whenever you play.

It can be used for practice, but it isn’t a practice mute. It is designed for the main performance. You can never get a better warm-up mute than this in the market.

You can use it even while performing on stage to blow the listener away with how you were able to change a note and produce great sound and intonation.

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Best Brass Harmon Mute

08. Harmon J1 Triple Play Combo Trumpet Mute – “Harmon Mute Trumpet”

The last on the list of the best harmon mute you should consider is the Harmon J1 Triple Play Combo Trumpet Mute.

The triple play mute is a dynamic mute which can be used by a player of different skill level.

If you are the type that loves straight mute, cup mute, or a plunger mute, you should consider the Harmon J1 Triple Play Combo Trumpet Mute.

It is a three in one mute where you have different styles of mute all in one. You don’t have to buy different mutes once you have this in your possession.

You can easily convert the mute into any of the three styles mentioned earlier. It is one of the best to offer you this kind of option, and that makes it second to none in the market today. It works very well without you regret spending your money on it.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the trumpet mute. It comes cheap and affordable. Also, the trumpet mute is user-friendly as the installation on your bell is easier to do without any hassles.

It helps to give you the feel of a professional whenever you play with the platform to change the tone and intonation of the trumpet as you like.

You can be more skillful with it and keep listeners guessing if truly they are listening to the trumpet or not. It helps one to perform excellently.

As you know, the trumpet is the highest pitch instrument in the brass family and the sound at times can irritate one. So the mute helps to keep the sound minimal and pleasant to the hearing.

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Yamaha SB7X-2

09. Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Mute – “Yamaha Trumpet Mute”

Yamaha trumpet is the only type I got familiar with while growing up. I got to know it is the best starter trumpet and that is how I fell in love with it. You can always trust Yamaha for quality products and services when it comes to trumpet and some other products.

The Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Mute is quite exceptional to others I have discussed in this post. Although, it doesn’t come with a tuner the features it has are enough to blow you away.

The trumpet comes with a mute system that combines high performance with an internal microphone to pick up the sound.

The mute system offers you superior muting performance so that you can easily play and train in your neighborhood without disturbing anyone’s peace.

The silent brass features this unique Yamaha Technology which uses the Modeling of non-muted brass instruments to correct your instrument’s tone when the pickup mute is in place.

You can play the trumpet along with your favorite music by connecting it to portable audio players or smartphones. All that is needed to enjoy the music and trumpet comes with it such as the cable, stereo headphones, and owner manual


  •  It comes with a user’s manual
  •  It is portable and has a mute system
  •  It produces quality sound

  •  It is expensive

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Things To Consider For Best Trumpet Practice Mutes

The essential things you need to consider are the type of mutes and how they operate which will help you in making the right decision whenever you want to buy a trumpet mute.

  • Straight Mute

The commonly used mute with trumpets is the straight type. It appears conical in shape, and it is applicable to almost all kinds of music. The cons shape makes it fit most horn bell effortlessly.

The straight trumpet can be made from different kinds of materials such as fiber or metal, and the type of sound produced from straight mute is the buzzy type.

  • The Cup Mate

This kind of mute is popularly used by jazz-style players. The cup mute is similar to the straight mute but with a slight difference which is the inverted cup at the end of the mute. What the sound produces is similar to that of the straight mute, but it has a soft and less bright sound.

One of the advantages it has over the straight mute is that some come with an adjustable cup which gives players the platform to move the cup closet to the bell.

  • The Harmon Mute

One of the things you will get to remember about Harmon mute is the rigid corking which makes the entire sound of the trumpet pleasing. The mute comes in two parts with the main one located in the bell, and the tube goes through the main part. An extension to the tube can affect the note produced with the trumpet.

  • The Plunger Mute

The mute is made from rubber, and its operation involves inserting and removing from the bell simultaneously. It commands a bigger sound than Harmon mute. It is the most popular mute style among Jazz bands, and it can conveniently combine with flutter tonguing to create a big unique sound.

  • Practice Mutes

This particular mute is designed for practicing and not for stage performance. It gives a low sound, and the purpose is to ensure that you don’t disturb others while practicing even in your neighborhood.

Buyer’s Guide Of Best Brass Trumpet Practice Mute

There are lots of things you ought to consider whenever you want to buy trumpet mutes. There are different types in the market from the good and the bad brands. You don’t want to end up getting a less quality mute that won’t serve the purpose of buying it.

Therefore, let’s check things you need to consider to help you make the right decision.


The first thing you should consider is the product brand. Apart from checking the reviews and customer reports on some products, you need to be more careful on this part. There are some who pay others to give positive reviews all with the goal to get people to buy their product.

Once you buy such a product, you find out they work differently from what others have said about it. That is why you need to consider products from brands that have prestige and reputation in the industry. One among many others which I will recommend is Bach.


Fortunately for you, most of the trumpet mutes come cheap and affordable. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a fortune to acquire any of them. You just need to check out the type you want and choose based on your preference.


As mentioned in the introductory part, there is a different style of trumpet mutes such as the straight, cup, practice, plunger, etc. you have to choose the one that is suitable for your style of play.

Also, you need to consider the materials the trumpet mutes are made from. Some are made with metals while some with ABS plastic. Check it out to choose the one that suits you before purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Practice Mute Trumpet

  • Can trumpet mutes silence the sound from my trumpet?

It won’t completely shut off the sound, it will reduce the intensity of the sound in such a way that you can hear what you are playing but in s soft form.

Kamagra is an over-the-counter drug, but you should consult your doctor before taking it, says original source. Be especially careful if you have high blood pressure, kidney or liver disease, vision problems, heart disease, and strokes. This does not mean that you cannot use Kamagra, you just need to check with your doctor.

  • How do I use the trumpet Mutes?

That is quite easier to do. You just have to choose the type you want and insert it into the horn bell, and you then go-ahead to play your instrument.

  • Is it advisable to use straight or cup-style mute for practices?

It all depends on you. You can choose to do that or not. But it is advisable that you get the practice mutes as it helps to eliminate any issue of noise or disturbance. Practice mute silence sound more than the rest of the mute styles


The best trumpet mute isn’t an indispensable kit, but it is essential for any player that wants to add style to their play. It helps trumpet players to change tone and note whenever they are playing easily. It also has its way to shut off sound thereby you don’t have to disturb others while you are playing.

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