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Purchasing a good trumpet is the best step in becoming a better trumpet player. Enrolling in trumpet school or acquiring different training aids can play a major role as well in improving one’s skills and performance. We choose to share with you on this post rotary valve trumpet and other important things you need to know.

You need to know that there are different trumpets in the market and they have different valves. The common ones are the rotary and piston, and they differ in many things such as:

  • They way they are sealed
  • Weight
  • The bracing they use
  • The way they travel in their casing

Our focus on this post is on rotary valve trumpet, and we will limit our discussion on that alone. So without further ado, let’s consider some things you need to know about rotary valve trumpets.


One of the very things you need to know about rotary valve trumpet is that it requires higher maintenance compared to piston valves. If you by any chance opt for a rotary valve trumpet, you need to be prepared to grease it often.

Your best companion with valve trumpet is a synthetic oil as you have to lubricate the first and third slide to ensure it works effectively when playing. Also, it takes a longer time to get water out of the trumpet.

How they are played

The next thing you need to know about rotary valve trumpet is the way they are played. With rotary valve trumpet, you have to press the lever in the trumpet and turn the rotary 90 degrees thereby altering the flow of air. As you play the trumpet, the tube will stay shorter when you don’t press them, and it will stay longer when you push the lever.

Flatness and Sharpness of the Intonation

Rotary valve trumpets have a flatter intonation, and it goes flattered in classical which is why it is recommended for trumpet players that go sharp in this area.

Holding Position

Rotary valve trumpet can be handled in a different position. But the best location is like you handling a nibbling on a hamburger.

Tone Quality

The tone quality of a rotary valve trumpets is little broader than that of a  pistol valve trumpets. Therefore, to get a better tone, you need to take a lot of air in the trumpet to get a desired sound or tone.

What is a rotary valve trumpet?

The rotary trumpet is another type of instrument form the brass family. It is different from another brass instrument in its design, features and sound production. It is straightforward for students to start their trumpet quest with rotary valve trumpet because it is effortless to operate and play.

How to hold a rotary valve trumpet?

There is no dynamic style or secret to holding a rotary valve trumpet. If you want to play a rotary valve trumpet, you have to hold in a position that is easier for you to operate. It can be kept in any direction, but the best is similar to nibbling on a hamburger.

Best rotary valve trumpet for sale

For the sake of those in search for the best rotary valve trumpet, we have made the list of the top products you should consider in the market. We have in-depth information from the experts on each of the products on this post.


Trumpet Players Bundle

It is indeed a bundle trumpet for the brass instrument enthusiasts. The package comes with three trumpets which is a great offer for those who are in need of rotary style valve trumpet. However, the good news about the package is that it doesn’t just come with a rotary valve trumpet.

The package comes with two other trumpets known as the pocket trumpet, and Silver plated Bb trumpet pack. The package includes three instruments such as RS Berkeley TP609 Rotary Trumpet, PT624 Pocket Trumpet, TP606S Silver Plated Trumpet.

The Silver plater Bb trumpet features 1st valve finger hook Monel valves 3rd valve double .460″ bore 4 7/8 bell Includes mouthpiece and case. The rotary valve trumpet from the package boasts of Clear lacquer finish, .433” bore, 5-inch one-piece bell, nickel silver inside and outside slides, 3rd slide trigger, two water keys, lyre holder, ball joint action, open wrap and it also includes a mouthpiece.

Lastly, the pocket trumpet boasts of lacquer finish, 0.465-inch bore, standard lead pipe, 3.66-inch yellow brass bell, Monel valves, fixed ring 3rd valve slide adjustment, includes nylon covered zipper case with backpack option and 7C mouthpiece.

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Rotary trumpet with case and mouthpiece

This rotary valve brass instrument is a dynamic style trumpet that is aimed at student trumpeters. The horn is very easy to use for students and learners who have an interest in the brass instrument. It is straightforward to handle and play as it isn’t too big or sophisticated to play.

It comes with a gold finish which makes it attractive and alluring for anyone. It looks quite arduous to resist for beginners. It is one of the best to start trumpet training for those who don’t want to start with BB trumpet or pocket trumpet.

The trumpet has excellent intonation and sound. The sound and tone from the horn are mind-blowing. It also comes with a case to help you store the horn and keep it safe for a more extended period. It has a 5-inch bell and as well comes with a mouthpiece to make it easier for any student to play without hassles.

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Levante LV-BH5605 Bb Professional Baritone with Soft Case

The last to share with you is a dynamic style rotary valve trumpet known as Levante LV-BH5605 Bb Professional Baritone with Soft Case. The horn comes with the appearance of a pocket trumpet, but it is a rotary trumpet.

The trumpet has nickel silver outer slides and tuning slide with 255 mm or 10-inch bell. It is a stylish trumpet that can be used by any trumpeters. It is easier to play either as a beginner or a professional trumpet player.

The sound of the trumpet is dynamic as it gives pleasing and great tone. Also, the body is made of quality material as it comes with a gold finish. Furthermore, the trumpet comes with a hard case that helps you to keep the horn safe for a more extended period.

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As you know, there are many Rotary valve trumpet for sale out there in the market, and one can easily make the wrong call which is why we choose to share the best guide with you on how to go about choosing your next rotary valve trumpet.

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