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Just as the drumstick is as important to producing sound with the drum, so is the mouthpiece is to the production of music with a trumpet. Especially with the starter or beginning student, it looks too difficult for you to handle a horn without a mouthpiece. It is why you need to get the best trumpet mouthpieces.

The mouthpiece is the most important part of any trumpet. Without a mouthpiece, there is no sound. While I was still a brigade member, I’ve seen some senior brigadier who plays the trumpet without a mouthpiece. The outcome is quite obvious as the lips are subjected to torture that could have been avoided with the use of a mouthpiece.

You need to know and understand the importance of a mouthpiece because it is one of the indispensable parts of a trumpet. Most modern horns you purchase these days do come with a mouthpiece, and you can also get additional ones if you are not okay with one.

Top 5 Best Trumpet Mouthpieces

Review Of Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for High Notes

Now that you have known some things about the trumpet mouthpiece let’s go straight to the list of the best products from the best brands in the market.

Yamaha 3c Trumpet Mouthpiece

01. Best Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece for High Notes

If you want the best and quality tone from your trumpet, it is advisable that you get any of the best mouthpieces as it plays a role in determining the quality of the sound.

To consider any in the market, the YACSHEWLEAD Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece from Yamaha is among the best to consider.

The mouthpiece has an inner diameter of 16.54 mm, and it is a flat contour semi-round type with semi-thick cup depth and shallow throat of 3.56mm and 3.56mm backbore. It is one of the best trumpet mouthpieces for jazz.

The mouthpiece is one of the best to consider for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. If you want the best sound and can’t sacrifice your comfort and safety, the Yamaha YACSHEWLEAD Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece is the right choice for you.


  • It has fantastic shallow cup mouthpiece, comfortable to shoot high notes and works excellent with Jazz
  • It makes playing a breeze
  • Excellent quality and pricing

  • It has no setback

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Most Expensive Trumpet Mouthpiece

02. KGUBrass Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece

If you want to express yourself with your trumpet and in need of any of the trumpet mouthpiece, the KGUBrass Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece is your right choice. The custom mouthpiece opens the way for players to get the best sound tone they desire.

With the mouthpiece, players get the best perfect resonance without dampening the vibration and ca clear focus on tone. The design of the trumpet is attractive and stylish in such that it offers every user the best feeling and comfort while playing.

It comes with a gorgeous design that will turn you on, and you will always want to play your trumpet even by sighting the mouthpiece. Is it easy to use even for beginners?

Yes, it is. It is safe and comfortable, and it makes it easier for players to play without stress. It is versatile, powerful and one of the best.


  • It is stylish and has a booster to support and enhance the sound of the trumpet
  • It is comfortable and lightweight to use
  • It is cost effective

  • It has no setback

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3c Trumpet Mouthpiece

03. Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

The Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C is one of the best and most popular mouthpieces in the world among both students and professionals.

The mouthpiece comes with medium cup depth with a 16.3mm cup diameter.

The rim of the trumpet comes in medium contour, and that allows for a greater range of sound.

The trumpet is perfect for intermediate and can as well be used by advanced players. To get the best sound from your trumpet makes use of the Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C.


  • It allows for a greater range and better tone quality
  • It is excellent for intermediate to advanced players
  • It is cost effective

  • It has no major setback

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Single Neoprene Mouthpiece

04. Protec Trumpet / Small Brass Single Neoprene Mouthpiece

Protec is one of the trumpet mouthpiece brands you should consider in the market if you are in search of any of the best mouthpiece for trumpets.

What the mouthpiece comes with a pouch is essential for traveling. It has a small bag big enough for your finger or pouch you perhaps could slip something small and flat into on the side without the logo.

The Velcro is strong and covers the little pouch all the way, so you don’t have to worry about dirt or anything in the air seeping in. Its design is compact, and it is durable. Lightweight and the best mouthpiece to take anywhere you want to go.


  • It has a Compact fitted design
  • It has a durable zipper closure
  • It has High quality soft padded neoprene
  • It comes with soft non-abrasive lining
  • It has a Backside pocket

  • It has no major setback

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3c Trumpet Mouthpiece

05. Blessing Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Trumpet Mouthpiece is from a blessing brand is one of the top trumpet mouthpieces for high notes and is designed based on the input from professional players.

The mouthpiece comes with a flat contour rim and gives players flexibility when playing the trumpet with it.

To get the best tone that you desire or that suits you, it is essential that you get any of the best mouthpieces and this specific one from blessing is indeed a blessing to anyone that owns it. It offers you the best feeling and fun you deserve from playing your trumpet.


  • The mouthpiece is a standard fit. It is heavyweight and of high quality.
  • This is great for the money
  • It is a natural fit

  • It has no setback

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Bach 3c Megatone Trumpet Mouthpiece

06. Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece

It is another mouthpiece to consider for trumpeters from Bach. Choosing the best mouthpiece has a lot to say about the production of the sound or tone from your trumpet. If you want the best and bright tone, the Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece is one of the best to consider.

To create the Mega Tone, Selmer starts with genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece designs and more than doubles the outside mass.

The Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece darkens the sound and allows you to play at higher dynamic levels without distortion.

Mega Tone slots extremely well so pitches center dependably, and a slightly larger throat affords less resistance and greater flexibility.

The K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece has a large cup with a 16.30 cup diameter. It has a medium-wide rim shape which is responsible for a richer tone.


  • It has a medium wide rim shape
  • It is good for all-around use

  • It has no significant setback

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Vincent Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece

07. Vincent Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece (3511HC)

Bach Trumpet Mboth students and professionals. The mouthpiece comes with a medium cup and also gives the best sound that is desired by most trumpeters.

Bach is committed to ensuring that trumpeters have all that is needed to produce quality and bright sound. It is the best to consider for advanced players and intermediates.

Beginners might find it quite difficult to use the mouthpiece, but with consistent practice, a starter might end up becoming a better player with it. It is comfortable and safe to use without any complaint or risk factor.


  • Good for all-around use
  • Great for more advanced players

  • It has no setback

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Schike Trumpet Mouthpiece

08. Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece is to be considered by trumpeters in search for a decent tone from their trumpets. It is the best trumpet mouthpiece for jazz, bass and classical.

The trumpet mouthpiece comes with standard rim shapes, cup volumes, and backbore unless shown otherwise on the mouthpieces.

The mouthpiece is very resourceful when it comes to producing quality sound. If you want the best for yourself as a trumpeter and you want to hear every bit of the sound your trumpet gives whenever you play.

It is the best for intermediates and beginners and can as well be used by advanced players.


  • This piece made the sound a little better
  • It gives a decent tone
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to use

  • It has no major setback

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Andoer Trombone Mouthpiece

09. Andoer Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece

The Andoer Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece is the last on the list of the super trumpet mouthpiece for those in need of a quality mouthpiece for their trumpet to produce quality and healthy tone.

It is designed for a trombone mouthpiece, and it allows players to get a loud sound with a smooth tone.

The mouthpiece is a masterpiece for players of different levels that want to get the best of their trumpets.

If you want an excellent sound note, the Andoer Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece is the best to consider.


  • It is made of high-quality brass, durable and sturdy
  • The mouthpiece is great

  • It is not a large shank mouthpiece

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Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece Sizes

10. Yamaha 14b4 Trumpet Mouthpiece

Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece (YAC TR14B4-HGPR) is one of another trumpet mouthpiece for beginner to expert level. It is large rim and shallow cup mouthpiece. It has outstanding balance. The Yamaha trumpet mouthpiece is fit for all musical geners.


  • Flexible and durable
  • Excellent quality and reasonable price
  • Beginner to expert level

  • No

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3c vs 7c Trumpet Mouthpiece

  • 3c Trumpet Mouthpiece

The 3c trumpet mouthpiece is a medium cup mouthpiece and it is ideal for all-around trumpet lovers. It is developed by an acclaimed soloist and expert mechanical engineer. Its dimensioned 16.3 mm cup diameter and medium wide rim shape. It is great for intermediate to advanced players.

  • 7c Trumpet Mouthpiece

The 7C is arguably the most popular trumpet mouthpiece in the world. The Vincent Bach 7C is a medium cup mouthpiece with a well-rounded edge, a rim lowered to the outside, and known for its perfect grip. It is great for beginners and marching bands and helps to build a stronger embouchure.

Frequently Ask and Question

  • Which trumpet mouthpiece is best for high notes?

When you are thinking about what trumpet mouthpiece is best for high notes. You are on the right page and some important suggestions here for you. Different mouthpiece makes different sound quality so that you want the adjustment to your original mouthpiece.

While some trumpet players want high-quality sound they consideration, lip and facial structure, the pattern of the teeth. Though it’s important to realize that “high note trumpet mouthpiece” should not use in your main mouthpiece.

As an example when people playing trumpet in church, jazz trumpet or classical music in bands mostly play in the middle and low sound.

  • Which trumpet mouthpiece is best for beginners?

As a beginner trumpet lovers want it easy to handle his trumpet mouthpiece. Most trumpet players choose the wrong trumpet mouthpiece. There are many trumpet mouthpieces in the market for the beginner.

Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece (YAC TR14B4-HGPR) is one the most popular for a beginner trumpet player. It is the great trumpet mouthpiece that provides a nice tone.

This is a nice flexible mouthpiece and the flatter cushion rim size is 4, and a medium smaller cup. So that it is perfect for a beginner trumpeter.

  • How much is a mouthpiece for a trumpet?

When you will purchase a trumpet mouthpiece then you have to need to fix a budget. In that time you feel hesitant about how much you need to budget for the excellent trumpet mouthpiece.

We recommend the price range normally is $50 – $200.  But premium with the cost usually being between $300 and $500 dollars. But it totally depends on your level, like a beginner, intermediate or professional.

Buying Guide of Best Beginner Trumpet Mouthpiece

Before going through the list of the affordable trumpet mouthpiece products to consider, let’s quickly run through some vital things you need to know about the mouthpiece.


Trumpet mouthpiece can come in different types such as the pure brass and silver-plated mouthpiece. The common mouthpiece you will see in the market today is the silver-plated because it is cost-effective.

It kills germs naturally, and once it loses its color, it can be coaxed back with silver polish.

Most people are allergic to a brass mouthpiece. Silver is another option, and if not, the gold is the next to consider. The brass, silver, and gold can be considered by the intermediate and professional.

But for starters, the plastic mouthpiece is the best option because it is lightweight, durable, and can stand any cold temperatures.

Part Of The Mouthpiece

Once you understand the parts of a mouthpiece, it becomes more comfortable for you to use it. Understanding the parts will help you in the quest for producing excellent and quality sound. Therefore, the components of the mouthpiece are divided into three such as the rim, cup, and throat, and backbone.

  • Rim

The rim of the mouthpiece is the round edge that you place your lips on to play the instrument. A mouthpiece with a flat contour rim allows even lips pressure across its surface, thereby offering a good air seal. Although, a flat contour rim is the best when it comes to comfort but doesn’t give room for flexibility.

The second type of rim is the rounded one. It gives more flexibility allowing you to move your lips back and forth in the cup to enhance the production of good and bright sound. However, to get the best tone, you need to add more pressure to the cup.

  • Cup

It is the area inside the rim where players have to blow. It is essential that you opt for a mouthpiece with a deeper cup because it gives a higher volume of sound.  But it requires lots of control while the smaller one requires lesser effort. When it comes to choosing, consider the player capabilities and pitch of the instrument.

  • Throat

The opening that leads out of the cup is known as the throat. The work of the throat is to ensure that the air blown from the rim to the cup gets directly to the backbone and through to the place where the sound is produced.

  • Backbore

 It is the chamber that transfers the air to the horn. The quality of the sound produced depends on the shape and size of the backbone. While you are more concerned about sound production, it is imperative that you opt for a mouthpiece with the right specification that suits you.

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The article on the best trumpet mouthpieces is for all trumpeters that desire the best sound note from their trumpet whenever they play the trumpet.  It is all that is needed for you to know about mouthpiece and the best that suits your trumpet and style of play.

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